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Use Roasted chicken & veggies to cook once and eat 6 times

Cook Once; Eat 6 Meals

If you’re going to eat healthy, you need to be able to make home cookin’ as convenient as take-out or fast food. Here’s how to spend just 60 minutes to cook once and eat 6 meals. I call them Mighty Meals. Prepare the Food Chop many different types of vegetables: some leafy greens, some colors, […]

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No-Bake, No-Guilt Cookie

I cut  my teeth on sugar. By 2nd grade, I could make no-bake cookies unsupervised. I was incapable of conceiving the ramifications of the trans-fats and sugars on my health. But regeneration and renewal are possible! Cells are under constant turn-over, and every nourishing habit you implement today impacts your physiology forever after. Re-vamping the […]

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Green vegetable smoothie for detox vs. cleanse

Detox vs. Cleanse

Spring is a time to freshen up your health and your lifestyle. Here we compare a detox vs. a cleanse. Are they the same? What is the purpose of each? How long do you engage in them? What foods are appropriate to each? Who should oversee your protocol? What outcomes can you expect?  Detox vs. […]

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LDL myths and truths

LDL Myths and Truths

LDL myths abound, but what are the LDL truths you need to know? First let’s discuss what this substance is. What is LDL? The first LDL myth is that it is a type of cholesterol. LDL, or low-density lipoprotein, is actually a carrier of cholesterol. Physicians use it as way of estimating cholesterol in the […]

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apple & banana to change your diet

Change Your Diet with Micro Habits

To change your diet may seem intimidating. Perhaps you know you need to eat better, but you don’t have time to cook. Or maybe you have food sensitivities and crave the foods you react to. It’s possible you believe that the whole idea of planning, shopping, and controlling intake is utterly overwhelming. No problem! Micro […]

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fresh vegetables

Make Vegetables Taste Good

You know vegetables are good for you, but you don’t enjoy them. So, you have come here. Relax! You can make your vegetables taste good without extensive culinary skills. Nor do you need more than a few minutes. The ingredients are readily available in most grocery stores. Further, it only requires a couple of condiments […]

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Pesto Salmon is good mood food

Mood Food – Eating for Happiness

The mood food you need for happiness is natural, not man-made. Sure, there are lots of commercial comfort foods. Certainly, chocolate bars and pasta are among them. But while these may bring a surge of dopamine and endorphins, foods that stabilize your mood overall are anti-inflammatory and label-less. Your Gut Talks to Your Brain In […]

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Man in need of heartburn help

Heartburn Relief

You might need heartburn relief if you have pain in your chest after a meal, have sour burps that contain food or liquid, have a lingering bitter taste in your mouth, or feel like there’s a lump in your throat. An estimated 15 million Americans seek heartburn relief daily! But before you pop a pill, […]

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chicken basted with a summertime marinade

Summertime Marinades & Sauces

Summertime marinades and sauces add flavor without heating up the kitchen! Grill, stir-fry or pressure cook your meat and vegetables without sacrificing taste. Add versatility by using the same meat, but a different sauce, or the same sauce, but a different meat. Summertime Marinade and Sauce Templates Choose one of the combinations below. Make a […]

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