About Me


I’m Carol, and I believe in treating causes, not symptoms!

…because I’ve been there. When I was 34, doctors wanted to treat me with drugs to suppress my high blood pressure, overlooking the blood sugar imbalances, the nutrient deficiencies, and the adrenal fatigue ruling my life. I was raising 5 children while my spouse travelled extensively. My weight and stress kept escalating, while my energy plummeted. But something inside me revolted at having to be on medication for the rest of my life, even though I was surviving on raw cookie dough and adrenaline.

I was a stressed, tired, sugar addict. 

But I was determined to find answers in diet and lifestyle. Even later, when doctors told me that my low thyroid was just “what happens when you get older” (I hadn’t even hit 50 yet), I had a conviction that there were holistic answers. My quest eventually led me to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association. As a “hands-on” clinician, I learned to test the body for signals indicating strain, and to find nutrients that would re-balance it.

I clearly remember the day in class when I  knew I had to share this transformational information!

The conviction pierced me from head to toe, leaving me electrified. The miracle of my reclaimed health was a gift that would grow in its sharing. Excited as a heated molecule, I vibrated with eagerness to teach, test and transform others.

Today I am totally FREE of sugar cravings. 

No more sneaking hand-dipped chocolates from the gift pile under the Christmas tree. No more snitching sweet roll crumbs from the pan ready to sell. No more grazing because I’m never satisfied. I am here to pay it forward.