About Me


I’m Carol, and I’m an inquisitive optimist!

  • I believe in the miracle of the human body.
  • I trust in a Divine Entity who created us and the food supply to nourish us.
  • I affirm that Earth’s natural foods work in harmony with our bodies to create wellness.

These beliefs inspired me in a 20-year quest to find answers to my own health issues, and eventually led me to become certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association, so I can support you in your perplexing roadblocks to health. Today, I specialize in health issues that make you feel overdrawn – mentally and physically flabby. I get it.

I was an addict. Sugar was my drug. Stress was my buddy.

I felt fat, forgetful, frenzied and fitful.

But recovery is real. I am FREE. 

I learned that my high blood pressure wasn’t so much genes as it was Metabolic Syndrome and Adrenal fatigue due to stress and imbalanced blood sugars. Now, I am here to pay it forward because no one can experience such a personal miracle without sharing it.

When I am not writing, cooking, teaching, gardening, or enjoying nature, I can be found loving my grandchildren!