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Clear & Simple Teaching, Testing, and Transformation

For the Holistically Minded Who Are Stressed, Fatigued & Craving


Graph Your Health! $25

Discover which body responses are strained and what you can do about it:

  • Upper GI
  • Liver/Gall Bladder
  • Small Intestines/Colon
  • Mineral/Essential Fatty Acid/Vitamin Need
  • Blood Sugars
  • Endocrine: Adrenal/Pituitary/Thyroid
  • Endocrine: Sex Hormones
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Kidneys/Bladder
  • Immune System

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Ask-The-NTP $60/week

4 Weeks of Tele-Consultations Tailored to Your Individual Diet:

  • Eating To Reduce Cravings and Inflammation
  • Insuring that You ABSORB The Nutrients You Eat
  • The Skinny on Fats & The Low-Down on Sweeteners
  • Managing Food Sensitivities and Special Needs

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In-Home Mentoring $65

One-Hour Session Includes:

  • Why you Crave
  • How To Balance Your Nutrition Without Counting Calories
  • Dietary Fine-Tuning Mini Quiz
  • 3 Recipes Made With You
  • Ready, Set, Go! Cookbook
  • Mighty Meal Cheat Sheet
  • Macro-Finder Refrigerator Chart

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Office Consultations Starting at $75/hour

Nutritive Answers To Align Your Body Systems, Not Just Symptoms

Food Journal, Health History, Comprehensive Symptom Assessment

Clinical tests for physiological imbalances and body burdens

Personalized guidance for diet and lifestyle changes

Nutritional supplement recommendations to speed your healing

Consultation Rates

  • 90-minute Initial Consultation $100
  • 60 minute Follow Up $75
  • 30-minute Follow Up $50
  • Economy Package (Initial consultation plus one 60-minute Follow Up and two 30-minute Follow Ups) $250
  • Super Saver Package (Initial consultation, two 60-minute Follow Ups, and three 30-minute Follow Ups) $350

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