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What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?

Address the roots of health!

Classes & Learning

Classes & Learning

Live & Recorded Lectures

Food Sensitivities?

Food Sensitivities?

Test the 22 most-common food triggers at home. $125.

The Truth About Me...

The Truth About Me...

I passionately mentor others to make transformational changes for vibrant health through functional medicine.



(208)244-4175. Call between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., MST Monday-Friday. My office is in Pocatello, Idaho

Consult With Me

Consult With Me

I am taking new clients and offer online & in-person consultations. Sessions: $125/hour.

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Ila Fica


Carol KNOWS her stuff!! She helped me kick my sugar cravings by helping me understand what was going on in my gut.

Lisa Morris

School Volunteer

Since working with Carol I am starting to feel a wholeness in my gut that I haven't felt in years.

Kimberly Moncur

Mother of 3

Before working with Carol, even a bite of something sugary could give me a headache within 10 minutes. Carol looked for the cause of my problem - not just a way to mask my symptoms. Now, I have more energy, and I rarely get brain fog.

Erica Wolfley

Foot Zoner

Carol is no ordinary NTP; she's in tune with the body and is compassionate in all she does. After her sleep protocol, I awoke a new person! No startling awake, no nightmares, no night wakings, no adrenaline rush.

Ellen Call

Grandmother, avid gardener

Carol has such love and passion for helping people. She truly has a unique gift. I feel confident in her techniques and skills.

Janet Plowman


I have much more energy now. The doctor was amazed at my improvement!

Janice Zwygart


Carol's compassion and knowledge made it well worth the 8-hour round trip for my appointment.

Olivia Eldredge


I have truly never felt better! 10/10 would recommend!