Offering Functional Nutrition

The functional approach to healing is to sleuth out the imbalances in your body and correct them with diet and lifestyle. This method differs from the conventional approach which treats symptoms with prescriptions and surgeries.


When you come to my office, I evaluate the unique status of your body:

  • How well is your digestion is working?
  • Do you demonstrate sufficiency in minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids?
  • How much do your blood sugars fluctuate during the day and do they go too high or too low?
  • Are you sufficiently hydrated?
  • Do you show signs of hormone imbalances?

I use software to generate a graph of your symptoms that shows where your unique burdens lie. Then, using reflex points, a blood pressure cuff, pH tape, and other medical tools, I check for organs and systems that seem to be compromised by congestion and inflammation.

You see, for functional healing to occur, we have to find the root cause and bring the body back into balance. I ask not only whether you’re eating sufficiently, but whether you’re absorbing properly. Food sensitivities, sleep patterns, stress load and exercise habits are part of our discussion. Since inflammation is the trigger for chronic disease, I’m looking for possible “sparks” that might be setting it off.


My goal is to give your body what it needs so that it can function optimally. Unlike a dietitian who might remove portions of your diet, I am looking to see what I can add! So, I use nutrient-dense whole foods and nutritional supplements to increase your body’s performance in a program that is unique to you! In this way, rather than treating a disease, I am addressing the foundations of wellness!

Pillars of Functional Healing

As a functional nutritional therapy practitioner (FNTP) and Applied Functional Medicine Coach (AFMC), my job is to support your digestion and hydration, and your balance of essential fatty acids, minerals, hormones, and blood sugars. When these pillars are intact, your healing is enabled.

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