Eat to Beat Inflammation

Five Ways to Arrest Inflammation

Likely, you know about turmeric and celery juice. But there are whole categories of foods to cool your systemic fire. We will demonstrate how to incorporate foods from each category into your daily routine to make your entire menu anti-inflammatory. Move over kale! We’ve got some delicious whole foods for you to try!

Best & Worst Foods for Inflammation

From the research of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, learn foods that damage your gut, create inflammation, and put the immune system on hyper-alert. Find out how to incorporate nutrient-dense foods that beat food sensitivities, balance gut flora, and heal nutrient deficiencies.

Easy Meals for Healing

Since increased gut permeability seems to be pre-requisite to inflammation, let us help you remove the triggers and strengthen the gut barrier to speed your healing. No need to spend hours in the kitchen. With these template meals, you can batch cook for an entire week, or throw together an impromptu meal in about 20 minutes.

Balancing Blood Sugars to Halt Inflammation

It is impossible to alleviate inflammation with blood sugar imbalances. Stabilizing your blood sugars is key to recovery. Using simple strategies and a safe snack list for emergencies, you can learn tools to reverse hypoglycemia and insulin resistance.

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