Connecting the Way You FEEL to the Way You EAT


Coming Summer 2018! Online Classes! 24-Hour Access

Simple, clear food education to calm cravings, fight fatigue & reduce stress.

Now Available:

Killing Your Cravings $150

4-week live class with recipe demos

Sessions start quarterly.

  • Emotional Eating
  • Eating from Stress & Fatigue
  • Addressing Nutrient Deficiencies
  • What about Food Sensitivities and Addictions?

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Nutrition Make-Over $275

8-week Group Program

 Schedule for your club, community, family, friends, or co-workers

  • Taming Fatigue
  • Killing Cravings
  • Instant Stress Hacks
  • Restoring Restful Sleep
  • Fighting Inflammation
  • Healthy Eating for Life
  • Safe Detoxification
  • Eating for Better Absorption